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Project Management Template Overview

Project Management Template Set - 40+ PRO

The set is packed with over 40 different plans, documents, and registers, as they are required for the successful creation of a project management plan and the implementation of most projects. All templates are in MS Word or MS Excel format and can be edited on PC or MAC in MS Office, Office Libre or other compatible programs.

Using these templates helps you saving time considerably and get your project started on the right track.

Create a project management plan that conforms to common international standards.

Claim for Extension of Time (EoT) and Associated Cost

Disruptions and prolongations are very common in many projects for a variety of reasons. It is important that you react to such events in a timely manner as stipulated in the contract. This can be a lot of work. These extension of time claim templates will help you and make your work much easier. A professional set of templates is available for you in under 3 minutes and is only a few mouse clicks away.

Feasibility Study Template

Set of 2 easy to use documents for beginners and experienced project managers. The template covers the common content of a feasibility study including technical, legal, schedule, operational, and economic feasibility. A cost estimation sheet is included.

Project Status and Progress Report Templates

Strong projects need solid reporting and control. Don’t waste your time creating new reports from scratch. A professional set of tried and tested templates is available for you in under 3 minutes and is only a few mouse clicks away.

Construction Daily Site Log Book

Job Site Project Management Report: Record Workforce, Tasks, Schedules, Daily Activities, etc.

If you’re in construction or dirt work, this record book will help you recall details. You can go back and see the ground conditions, deliveries, contractors, equipment, etc., on site. If you keep up with your paperwork this will meet your needs.

Method Statement Template

This method statement template contains the complete structure of a common work methodology as used on many construction projects.

It simplifies the process of creating method statements immensely. You will save a lot of time and effort and you can be sure that you do not forget any essential part.

Why would you start from scratch when a good amount of work is already done for you? Save time, effort, and consequently money.

Project Mobilization Plan Template

Comprehensive Project Mobilization Plan Template for the start of the execution phase of any type of construction project, large or small.

Save yourself unnecessary effort when creating your next mobilization plan for your new project.

Oh, I forgot... Are you the guy who likes to work weekends or overtime? Then keep working, in that case this is not for you.

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