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Project Mobilization Plan for Construction Projects

Read what the contents of a project mobilization plan are, how to write a project mobilization plan and download useful templates.

The project mobilization plan template also includes a chapter for project finance and related subjects. This is not directly related to mobilization, but there are things that need consideration.

How to Mobilize a Construction Project?

Project Mobilization Plan

A project mobilization can be a project in itself, or else it is often the first phase of the project implementation. Like any other project, it can be divided into phases like a planning phase and an execution phase in which regular monitoring and controlling help to avoid errors or to correct them in good time if necessary.

What is a Project Mobilization Plan?

During the planning phase, it is identified and established what needs to be done as part of the mobilization, who is responsible for it, and the right order and duration. The results of all these planning activities are recorded in the project mobilization plan.

Download you Project Mobilization Plan Template

What is a Mobilization Checklist?

The checklist is a more or less long document depending on the scope of the project. It contains the individual tasks and activities that are to be completed as part of the mobilization. It is simply ticked off step by step and ensures that everything is done. This ensures that the start of construction runs smoothly and that no cost-intensive commitments are made before the necessary permits are available.

How to Prepare a Project Mobilization Plan?

Collect all relevant information regarding the scope of work of the mobilization and create a method statement on how the practical implementation should take place. Also create a schedule and evaluate relevant contractual and legal requirements, as well as information on project financing and insurance. Perform a risk assessment and develop a response plan. Write everything down in a comprehensive document, which then becomes the Project Mobilization Plan.

Contents of a Mobilization Plan

Role Assignments, Staff Identification and Scheduling

Project Mobilization Staff

This part of the project mobilization plan looks at what roles are needed for what tasks, who are the most appropriate staff, their availability and where additional staff can be obtained if necessary. Furthermore, set out in a schedule from when or in which project phases the roles are required and whether they may be shared with other projects. This is especially important if these people first need to be trained, require a work permit, or otherwise be made fit for the job.

Regulatory Requirements and Constraints

Project Mobilization Rules

This part of the planning deals with the necessary permits, restrictions, and similar requirements. In addition to the actual building permit, working time regulations and rest periods can also play a role. Furthermore, relevant road traffic regulations must be considered and road closures, as well as no-parking zones, one-way street regulations, etc. must be prepared and applied for. Under certain circumstances, transport permits for dangerous goods or for transports with oversize dimensions must also be obtained.

What should not be overlooked are environmental regulations, waste disposal and occupational safety, as well as, if necessary, special exemptions insofar as these are unavoidable for the implementation of the project. There is no question that you should of course also prepare a risk assessment and a response plan if you apply for exceptions to existing rules.

Project Financing, Bonds, and Insurances

Project Finance

The first project phase is usually very cost-intensive and therefore this part is of particular importance. Although the client pays usually a deposit when the contract is signed for most projects, further financing is often required. It should be noted that depending on the agreed progress and payment schedule, it may take some time before further substantial amounts can be invoiced. Many companies that carry out the project construction works suffer at the beginning from sometimes significant cash flow problems. These are often caused by the fact that the setting up of the construction site itself can cause enormous costs. Further material has to be ordered, development costs may be incurred or machines have to be purchased new. This financing should be planned and agreed in advance by all parties involved.

The agreement of insurance contracts and the provision of bonds must also be considered and cause additional costs.

Facilities, and Equipment

Equipment Mobilization

The next chapter of the project mobilization plan deals with the site setup itself. Describe how the available space is to be utilized, how the entire construction site is secured, and access is controlled and how danger areas are additionally secured. Also indicate where facilities such as laboratories, workshops, offices, changing rooms, toilets, washrooms and first-aid facilities will be located and where driveways and parking areas for cars and machines will be created. Where are vehicles refueled and how are dangerous goods stored safely. Where are emergency assembly points and rescue routes located? Where is material unloaded or loaded within reach of the cranes, etc.?

Furthermore, not to forget the topic of electricity, water, and sewage as well as the disposal of garbage, construction waste and hazardous substances.


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A project mobilization plan is an important document that is prepared prior to the actual construction work and ensures that all the basic requirements for a smooth project flow have been considered. The document includes details on important issues of financing, insurance, and bonds, discusses the resources, when they are needed and from where they come, questions regarding permits and similar framework conditions, as well as the set-up of the site itself.

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