What are the functions of a project management office?

What are the functions of a project management office?

Read in this article the most common functions of a PMO. Project management office functions are defined during the early stages of setting up a PMO, and can vary greatly. This expert article provides an overview of the core functions that project management offices commonly perform in organizations.

Manage project cost – 4 steps

How do you manage project cost, what’s included and how do I prepare for this important task? This article explains this and more.

Project Management Office (PMO) Culture

What is project management office culture? (PMO 2/4)

Consider thinking about the implementation of project management processes and phases tailored to the needs of your organization. Thereby it is not necessary to invent project management new, proven systems and standards already exist. #projectmanagement #projectmanagementprocess

Kenya Projects

9 Reasons Why Construction Projects in Kenya Fail

Small and medium sized construction companies in Kenya seem to have a few problems in common. This article looks at a few of these issues that are causing construction projects in Kenya to fail.

Project Management Office

What is the purpose of a project management office (PMO 1/4)

Setting up a project management office is a great way to target and troubleshoot problems, weaknesses, and poor performance that affect your business, to organize processes, support the collection and provision of information for planning and decision making, plus improved selection of projects.